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tv   KTVU News at 4PM  FOX  August 12, 2011 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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life may be in danger. the car is a green toyota four runner, license plate number 3xrm111. the suspect can speak spanish, he ask 5'6'' and weighs 160- pounds. with five days since they have been missing there is urgency. the fbi said despite efforts they have no leads. we have seen people flowing down along the fry freeway. if you have seen them or the car call the fbi. the number is 916-481-9110. reporting live in berkeley along the freeway. >> the young plan who admitted killing a reporter was sentence
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tensed to 25 years. he killed 57-year-old chauncey bailey and another man four years ago. he said yur black muslim bakery ordered killings. the suspect's mother cried and apologized to the victims. >> also losing my son you know behind some nonsense, behind some people that were just stupid and i'm losing my child and it hurts. >> he and another defendant are set to be sentences in two weeks. ia new law may come into effect in san mateo. we have the legislation that is now being discussed specifically about pit bulls. >> reporter: should they be required to be fixed?
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that's the question. right now what we know is a necropsy is about to be done on the dog killed yesterday afternoon in the city of san mateo. here the investigation is far from over. a police officer remains parked here outside the home. also crime scene tape continues to be wrapped around the front of the property and throughout the day people here in the community have been coming by and dropping off flowers and candles all in honor of the woman. >> i'm just really sad about it. i hope it didn't happen and again, you know -- unexpected. >> reporter: this morning greg spoke to investigators outside his home where his 32-year-old pregnant wife was killed by the family pit bull yesterday. >> we just want to put together what happened and we will have to wait for the results. >> there has never been a deadly dog attack in pacifica as long as i have been here.
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in san francisco there was, in july of 2001, a 12-year-old in 2005. that same year san francisco passed a law requiring pit bulls be fixed. >> we have seen ones that are sweet and kind. >> reporter: jason is co president of the spca. >> we aren't sure that breed specific legislation like that is the right answer but it has been effective. we did see the number of pit bulls buying given up drop dramaticly. >> reporter: police say the one that attacked the woman wasn't fixes. they are torn if pacifica so put in the law. >> i'm worried it'll further the bad rap of pit bulls and it's not justified. you know any breed of a dog can be aggressive. >> reporter: police say the cause of death for the woman is yet to be determined.
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an autopsy was scheduled for today, results are expected next week. reporting live, ktvu channel 2news. >> the corner is trying to identity a body found inside a car in the delta canal. it's the same waterway where the body of a kidnapped boy from patterson was found last february. yesterday a car was pulled from the canal, off highway 5. the patrol is doing a search of the canal a known dumping ground for stolen vehicles. they pulled out the chevy blazer and found a body. according to the newspaper police tracked the license plate and found the owner was reported missing by family members four months ago. they are not yet releasing the man's name. 9 little boy from patterson pulled out in february was a 4- year-old. he was kidnapped by his mother's boyfriend a few weeks earlier. a massive search was launched
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and several public individual its were held. investigators then found the c car in the canal. >> two police officers involved in a shooting last month. the police department sent a letter yesterday to the aclu and another group and in the letter named the officers. the aclu e-mailed us that letter and it identified them as 35-year-old richard hastings and 30-year-old matthew lopez. kenneth haring accidentally shot himself to death rub running away from the officers. the two officers did fire at him and at least one shot hit him in the leg. a bookkeeper who stole hundreds of thousands a church is headed to jail. 58-year-old kathleen day received a 300 day jail term. she plead no contest to stealing 4$25,000 from the
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church. the judge ordered her to repay the funds that she spent on repairs to her porsche and plastic surgery. >> looks like americans are gaining more confidence in the economy. new numbers out today show overall retail sales were up, .5% last month and the best show since march. car sales rose .4% in july. analysts say the numbers could help put down fears that the country is headed for another recession. >> that rebound in retail sales helped push stocks higher ending a wild week on wall street on a good note. it was a week of sea saw trading after last friday's credit down grade and concerns over the economy. the dow rose today 126 points, closing at 11, 269. the nasdaq was up 16 points to
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end at 2, 508. >> the new numbers on retail sales are coming at just the right time. tom is in walnut creek this afternoon and tells us about the important shopping season just getting started. >> reporter: it's important the numbers continue. have a look here at the parking lot. as parents shape the back to scoop shopping season, second only to the christmas holiday shopping season. >> blue. >> reporter: here at the target and walnut creek the rush is on. 15% of most retailers entire yearly incomes is made at this time. >> back to school season is huge for us at target. it is just getting us ready and prepared for the holiday season. it's the first big rush of the fall. >> it's something we think about probably most of the summer. we get the supply list usually the end of the school year or nowadays on the website for the school. >> our school is a little different in that they get a
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small list, very short and then we reimburse the -- the teachers go out and do a lot of the spending. >> reporter: a study shows this year looks to be one of frugality. >> shopping for sales. >> reporter: 82% say they will spend the same or less as last year. 12% say they will spend more. 40% of moms blame it on tough economic times, moms project they will spend $171 this year, dads set their spending at 210. million 38% don't like back to school shopping but they do it. >> hard buyinga ill this stuff but that's why i don't pressure my mom much because i just ask for little things throughout the year rather than all at once. . >> reporter: the deal is the thing. from the office max back to school operation this is a pack
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of ten pencils, 75-cent. more than 70% off. the deals are out there. reporting live. ktvu channel 2news. >> and you can always find the latest business and economic news on the website including more details on what drove the markets today, just look for the wall street tab on the home page. >> a federal appeals court struck down part of the president's health care reform law. a three judge panel in atlanta ruled the mandate that all americans must have health insurance is not constitutional. that ruling didn't go as far as the lower court that invalidated the entire overhaul. one court and three federal judges have upheld the law and two have overturned it. that make itself likely this issue will go to the supreme court. the driver of a big rig was hit by his own truck after a fire truck clipped it as it made a turn. the fire department said the ladder truck was turning right
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on the new montgomery street when it hit the big rig. the 20-year-old driver was standing on the sidewalk when his truck then hit him. he had complaints of m," nor pain. he was taken to the hospital. >> tsa shut down a security checkpoint at terminal one at oakland international this morning after security scanners spotted a suspicious object in an xray scan. they shifted passengers to a different terminal and called in the bomb squad. they later determined it wasn't a bomb. >> there was some sort of container with liquid in there, there was some sort of mask, there was wires, a battery system and what appeared to be a blasting cap. >> the checkpoint was closed for about an hour. airport officials say they told air lots and asked them to accommodate passengers. >> san francisco's race for mayor just got more interesting. public defender expected to
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file that would add his name to the list of candidates. the deadline to turn the papers in is 5:00 todayw. will have more on the race on bay area news at seven. >> oak. if you are in the market for a used car you may want to listen to this. the state of california is planning to start auctioning off 3800 cars next month. the ones deemed nonessential under the governor's plan to save money. you may recall he ordered agencies to turn them into cash by selling them. >> the economy you may a registration fee, get a paddle, participate in the a, if you don't buy you get your money back. >> the governor thinks eliminating the vehicles will save the state $11 million a year and at the auction will bring in another 5 until. >> the man who police say killed a toddler appears in court. what his family says about his alleged ties to gangs.
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>> a few changes to the weekend forecast coming up the areas that will start off tomorrow morning in the 40s. the temperature change you can expect for the afternoon.
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. we called wall net creek police and they have still not reopened a short section of a road, backed -- which backed up traffic all the way to highway 680. a truck went off the road early this morning, knocking down a power pole. about 3800 customers lost power, pg&e has restored the power to all of the nearby customers but it's still blocking the lanes. they hope to open them by 6:00 p.m. >> the main suspect in the drive by that killed a tod did, ler faced a judge today. we were there and spoke to the suspect's family and they not only defibbed fended him but blasted police.
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>> reporter: the sheriff's department said that lawrence is being held in a separated cell here at county jail where other inmates can have no physical contact with him. lawrence denard made a brief appearance. he was scheduled to enter a plea to the murder but when the judge postponed the hearing one of his relatives started sobbing. family and friends left the courthouse without comment. earlier two of his cousins said he had nothing to do with the shooting. >> not that type person. they try to make him like an animal and he isn't. we don't appreciate that as we know him as a good person. >> reporter: authorities say he was in a car monday afternoon when it got to international boulevard and 64th avenue they say he started firing. one bullet struck a 3-year-old as he sat in a toy car. police say one of the victims identified denard but another
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cousin said he is being set up by people on the street. >> some way they don't want to see him in oakland. >> reporter: she had sharp words for the police chief who she said has already convicted him in the media. >> the police chief -- he would never walk the streets, that's something you shouldn't have statement you don't know what's going on. >> reporter: police say he is denying involvement. he is due back in court august 29th. reporting live. >> police are investigating another shooting that happened this morning. officers say a young man was wounds around 7:30 while in a car at 77th and bancroft. witnesses say he was hit in the leg. police say the injury isn't life threatening. >> a new book claims jim jones once plotted to crash a jet liner into san francisco. a thousand lives the untold story of hope, deception and survival at jones town is
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written by julia shears. she said jones wanted to crash a commercial jet he wanted to fill it with top members of his church because he thought they were trying to undermine his leadership. he even went so far as to send a church member to a flying school. he said he had plotted for years about how to kill his followers including loading them in buss and driving them off the golden gate bridge. in the end he led 900 in a mass murder suicide. a judge in florida has ordered casey anthony to report to orlando and serve a one year probation for check fraud. a jury found her not guilty on charges of killing her daughter. she went into hiding because of threats. her lawyer said her life could be in danger if her location is known. she has two weeks to report to a probation officer in orlando. >> police say they won't back down in their massive crack down on rioters and looters.
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today officers broke down door carrying out raids on suspect homes. across the uk they have arrested more than 1700 since the riots. so many in fact the courts have had to stay open through the night. >> we needed to act, this week to get control of the streets, to get them back for the law abiding. the police did that. they changed their tactics and increased numbers, that what the right thing. >> reporter: authorities caught many of the suspects on tape during the riots and looting and tracked them down. >> beautiful blue lake tahoe losing clarity. the lake's water lost three feet of chart last year. it now reaches a depth of 64.4 feet down. that's the second lowest depth since 1965. sciencists warn it's not unusual to see large swings in
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the level of water clarity at the lake. >> it's beautiful though. probably nice day. let's check on our weather here and how about it? >> reporter: basically a nice day across the state, especially northern california. we have the fog, for the morning pulling back to near the coast and here we go, once again the clouds, you can see hugging a good portion of the shoreline and first look at some of the -- you can see wind speeds, we had the cool on shore winds, winds to 31 miles an hour. showing you the -- the fog pat ecloser to the headlines, dailiy and pacifica. here we go the low clouds will continue to be a factor pushing back into the bay with the steady on shore breeze. you will wake up to overcast first thing saturday morning. look outside right now. we will show you that, evidence looking at that fog bank from the marin county camera.
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the low clouds still pushing back there to the area. as far as current numbers we have options. you can see mid60s san francisco, 65, 80s for fairfield, concord, livermore, san jose in the upper 70s, santa rosa a touch warmer than yesterday. right now 82 degrees. this evening dense areas of coastal fog, we could be tracking drizzle, especially late tonight into early tomorrow morning and this cloud deck, pushing back into the pay reducing visibility possibly out toward oakland. overnight lows pretty chilly in the north bay. there is that 49. antioch in the mid50s around 55. we will break down the forecast for the coast tomorrow, fog and drizzle 8:00, patchy fog into the afternoon. around the bay, skies becoming partly sunny into the afternoon. upper 60s to lower 70's. most neighborhoods cooling off just a few from today's highs and that means the warmest inland in the lower 80s.
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outside happening right now but for tomorrow, day two you can sew pretty much quite a few clouds, maybe a few breaks, by 4:00, temperatures on the cool side, upper 50s to the lower 60's. coming up the temperature change you can expect for the sunday forecast, also break down the timing of the next possible warming trend. >> all right. thank you. hackers take a new tactic. the unsuspecting websites you could be visiting that may make you a target. >> and a time honored tradition that draws the biggest names in politics to iowa. how the straw poll there works and why the candidates care and why you should care. can i eat heart healthy without giving up taste?
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. tomorrow will be a big day in the primary race. republicans will hold the straw poll in iowa, the first test vote of the campaign. tomorrow the texas governor plans to formally announce he will run. analysts say he could shake up the race. >> i think he hopes to be the one who can unite the party but he will be a controversial figure. he wears his religion his sleeve and is twice the cowboy that george bush was. >> after his announcement perry will move onto new hampshire and iowa. that will put him in all three
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early voting states with in 36 hours. republicans in iowa will turn out for a straw poll tomorrow. these are pictures from the last one in iowa back in 2007. the gop say staged the first of these in 1979. they are held before the start of the season with when a sitting republican president is not running for re-election. they have tried to set up campaign tents then republican voters are bussed in for the poll. it costs $30 but the candidates generally pick up the tab. >> a senior united states official is dismissing a report on the death toll linked to drone air strikes. they say drones have killed almost 2300 people in pakistan and among those, 385 civilians including 160 children. a top united states official disagrees and says 2,000 militants have been killed and
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only 50 civilians. no a count shows hate crimes in california appear to be leveling off. 1100 crimes committed last year were based on bias including race, religion and sexual orientat," on, that's only seven more than the previous year. hate crimes decreased but there was a 47% increase in hate crimes against latinos. the nuns will lead a march tomorrow at the lgbt community. the march will start at castro and market at 3:00 p.m. and end at the site last weekend's attack on a 52-year- old man on market street. the stop the violence organization will be there givenning out safety whistles and information. >> enter in the hackers use -- internet hackers with new tactics. why the websites you visit
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could put you at ring. >> inside look at outside land as crowds park golden gate park.
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. hackers turn to a new style to take control of your computer. it involves tapping in to millions of legit websites and then pouncing on unsuspecting users. we. >> reporter: a group of hackers now targeting mostly small businesses, we are talking about the mom and pop stores we usually see around town. this being said if you just browse one of their infected sites your personal information
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could be stolen. it's a new twist on internet hacking and san francisco base -- has revealed the scope of the problem. we talked to matt wong. he said 8 million web pages have been infected the visitors falling victim to drive by down loading. >> the users essentially by -- bystanders. as long as you browse a infected website you just browse it and you would be infected and it'll stay on the computer until they get the signatures to alert you and mostly that's a long time. >> reporter: he said hackers can take over your computer and access your information and even if you have been hacked you may have no way of knowing. the latest trend started a group of hackers working out of the ukraine but now copy cats are jumping on board. the idea is for them toa avoid
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larger more secure websites and focus on smaller ones. >> it gets more numbers to a large -- know what's going on. >> we want internet to be sure to business can do well and should this is becoming a serious problem. >> reporter: there is no way of knowing how many have unknowingly browsed one of these infected sites but frequent online shores we talked to said they aren't overly concerned . the best bet for business owners if they run a website is to get all upgrades done on the website and for internet users the best bet is update your browser and of course use the anti virus software. reporting live. ktvu channel 2news. >> in santa rosa price are reviewing tape from an armored car warehouse to try to identity the gunman who robbed the building. it happened just before 11:00. three to four men stormed the
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building. they took the cash and locked two inside before getting away. one of those called 911. >> we had to free the employees, because the doors were locked and secured and once we freed them we found they were unharmed. >> reporter: the take back our community program is offering a 2,500-dollar reward for information on the robbers. a judge is ordering a man to stand trial on charges he murdered a nurse last october. prosecutors say the nurse was taking the vital signs of an inmate when he hit her in the head with a table lamp. she fell, struck her head and never woke up. >> immigrant rights activists took to the streets to protest the government's secure community program. they marched from the montgomery street bart station to the homeland department. under the program the fbi sends fingerprints from local arrests
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to the immigration department to find and deport illegal immigrants who commit serious crimes. >> this program has resulted in many innocent people, many lawa abide people being deported, separated from their families, leaving their wives, children, stranded here without them. >> they say they want local communities to be able to opt out of the program. bart is being criticized our tactics meant to stop a planned protest. word spread online yesterday calling for a demonstration at the civic center station over the fatal shooting of charles hill by a bart officer. the transit agency asked the police to shut off cell phones. they. >> actually the media relations people made that decision. >> the tactics that the cops use, i'm not always privvy to.
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>> he said it was the public relations department that made the decision. >> we -- [inaudible]. >> reporter: people say they are concerned about what could happen in an emergency with cell phone service blocked. bart said it was to try to keep passengers safe. green technology bringing more good news to the south bay. the new jobs this new business is bringing to san jose. >> and the changes linkedin is maybing after an up roar over priv acy.
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. more than 90 bands and 2 hub thousand fans over a three day period in golden gate park. david stevenson is here and besides the music it was bringing in a lot of temporary jobs and a lot of money. >> reporter: fake a look. take a look. you can see some of the thousands of fans screaming through. 60,000 expected for the first day of outside lands. crowds packed san francisco's golden gate park on the opening day of the outside lands festival. . >> i love grateful dead. >> reporter: 60,000 are expected each day for a mix of cutting edge music and gourmet food and wine. >> we have 100 different wines
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being served from around the bay area, california area, it's a very local event. >> reporter: for vendors an opportunity to get their war es in front of an international audience. >> gives us access to about 180,000 people i can't get in my wine bars. >> reporter: city leaders hope for a big boost to the economy. outside lands organizers think the festival will create 4500 temporary jobs and $6 million in spending. >> any time people come to and of experience something like this its something they tell other people. >> reporter: private security and san francisco police are out in force checking the people coming into the normally sedate sunset district. >> they want to strike the right balance between ensuring ever can enjoy all that the city has to offer and protecting it for the residents. >> reporter: you can see fans continuing to flow into the park this evening.
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its been an orderly crowd. police haven't reported any problems, many are taking shuttle rides to the show and police are telling those those who drive on down to make sure they lock their cars and take their valuables with them. >> and the san jose jazz festival will open in just about a half her. these are pictures from years past. ten stages set up around the downtown area. admission is $15 tonight. this is the festival's 22nd year. no a new business is making san jose a little greener. sole focus cut the ribbon for its new business. 90 employees work there and they aren't done hiring. the mayor said companies like them play a key role in the city's future. >> work very hard over the past few years to make sure the companies that are growing stay here and grow here.
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this is a good thing for san jose and the future of clean technology. >> they have installed solar panels in united states and overseas in europe. >> linkedin is be abouting away from a plan that uses member's names and pictures. in june they started testing the campaign that presents adds from customers or companies their connections are said to have recommended. members and bloggers objected, so now they will say only how many a person's connections like the platieser. advertiser. zynga makes a lot of money from less than 5% of its users, even so, they had nearly $243 million in revenue. >> james franco making a
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documentary about porn and it's based in san francisco. he was in the bay area shooting scenes for a movie in this building, the armory, it's the home of the adult porn business called he was interested by what goes on and in a late night talk show he said he has new found respect for the folks in the adult film business. >> americaning owe more for their education than on their credit cards. the perfect storm that could drown college students in debt for years. >> i'm tracking another batch of low clouds and fog. the updated fog farther model. the temperature change you can expect for the weekend and the timing of the next warming trend.
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. a public memorial will remember danny cox, he died in a car crash last sunday. he had been paralyzed for a year after a diving accident at lake tahoe last summer. a service is scheduled for 1:00 p.m. he died when his specially modified car hit a tree. >> think of having a heart monitor that looks like a tattoo. sciencists have put micro circuits on a strip that can monitor your heart or brain. it lasts a few days and then petroleums off. among straight people the
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poor, out of work or uneducated are more likely to get hiv. the virus that causes aids. that's the word from the cdc. they surveyed about 15,000 people and found that the hiv rate was 2.8% among those with less than a high school education and 1.2% of those with at least a high school education. 2.6% among the unemployed but 1% among those with jobs and 2.3% among those within comes under $10,000, 1% for incomes above that level. >> the safety commission has reached a settlement with a company over the risk posed by its exercise equipment. the case involves the perfect pull up device made by perfect fitness. regulators say a defect can cause the handles to break putting people at risk for falling. they have greed to pay a 42 5,000 dollar fine but denies
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wrongdoing. the device was recalled and the company has replaced the handles. >> it appears debt troubles growing for college students. polls say a record number of students falling deeper into debt and to add to the problem the debt limit deal just passed in congress eliminated some financial aid for grad students. one student said the cuts are to much. >> education is the foundation of -- of everything in terms of our growth so if you cut that you are basically crippling us. >> analysts say american student lone debt out weighs credit card debt and one third of students have loans they won't be able to pay off for at least 20 years. elementary school just received a prize for this video. the school was presented with a $2,000 check from the big lots discount chain for winning second place in the video
4:47 pm
contest. 116 schools entered, winners will be officially announced on teacher appreciation day tomorrow at big lot stores. >> a new report said said pension reform could save billions of dollars in the fume the california foundation for fiscal responsibility said the change would involve switching to a hybrid program. one of the main funders is a billionaire from texas and that has many skeptical. >> california has a long history of rejecting special interests from texas. i think it would be unwise for him to move forward in spend millions of dollars on a ballot initiative when we have said that's not how we want to do it. >> the report said hybrid pension plans would savor state taxpayers $250 million a year right away. >> very smart kids were showing off their medical research today in oakland. 50 students from high school age through post graduate all took part in a nine week summer
4:48 pm
student research program and they presented their findings orally or in poster form. just list tone what one 17-year- old was doing. >> pain and bone mineral defects, is there a link and it was looking at scans of the spine and seeing if there were any problems. >> all right. some of them will go onto medical school or to other careers in medical research. >> did you get that? >> some smart kids. >> we showed the outside lands pictures just a few minutes ago and over now to mark. think folks will get cold when the fog moven. >> want to bundle up. golden gate park, normally talking about low clouds and fog. that's what we have right now. you can see on the maps we have a finally a pocket of clearing for parts of the shoreline as we come in, closer to stinson and -- there is the lagoon,
4:49 pm
enjoying mostly sunny but as we move the map to the south you can pick out the overcast for san francisco, pacifica, half moon bay, down -- he is that patch -- that low cloud level moving across the bay late tonight. so here we go with the forecast. partly cloudy, fog will increase. for this weekend morning fog, temperatures coming down just a few degrees and next week a quiet weather pattern with some warming, bit of a bump in the numbers in the five day forecast. for tomorrow and basically this weekend we are still be tracking the fog bank. temperatures come down just a touch as we head in about saturday and also sunday, sunday will be the coolest day of the weekend, not by much, for the coast patchy fog, temperatures on the cool side around the bay. sykes partly sunny and for the inland plenty of sun, temperatures warming up but the
4:50 pm
wind speeds crank up. here is the forecast model showing you the increase in the fog. we could have a few more patching in the north bay up toward santa rosa and down toward san jose. into the afternoon by 3:00 and pulling back to near the coast. partly cloudy for san francisco, more leftover cloud over near the shoreline. tomorrow's forecast, bundling up with areas of fog, low to mid50s. drizzle, by 12:00 still coastal fog, by 3 and 4, warm numbers inland within crease in sun and bit of a big temperature range, upper 50s, 60s, 70's, warmest locations approaching the 80s, toward fairfield the wind speeds pick up tomorrow afternoon. livermore topping automatic 82, oakland in the upper 60's. san jose around 76, san francisco topping out 64. here is the look ahead with the extended forecast.
4:51 pm
you will notice this, temperatures come down just a little bit, not by much into sunday. still the warmest locations approaching lower 80s. the weekend, then looks like monday probably one of the coolest days of the period and bit a bump in the numbers for tuesday and into wednesday. over the past couple weeks we have just been talking about minor temperature swings and that should stay the story. >> thank you. >> a woman faces attempted murder charges this afternoon accused of trying to drive into a tent with a 2-year-old little girl inside. officials say sherry lynn martin injured the child's father on friday when she drove into the camp site at the wild wood campground. the child and her mother weren't hurt. authorities say martin a relative of the family was angry after being told to drive slowly because of children in the area. construction perhaps the most famous symbol of the cold war started 50 years ago.
4:52 pm
this fought age house troops laying blocks of cement as construction started. 136 people were killed trying to escape to west germany by going over or under the wall. it was rebuilt three times, open time bigger stronger. it finally came down in 1989. >> it almost never happens to tiger but it did today. that's coming up next. >> and the message muslims trying to get out as they open their doors this weekend.
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. some mosques will open their doors to people of all faiths on sunday. the open house is part of the holy month. it's also to troy to improve relations with nonmuslim people and to help the public learn more about the faith.
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>> the trouble continues for tiger. >> i don't think tiger knows who tiger is. he tried to put a positive spin on it but the numbers don't lie. the man with 14 majors is ten over parr and misses the cut in a major turn tournament for the third time in his career. he is in atlanta for the champion shin. he said he is encouraged boss he is healthy but he shot a three over today and check out this shot on the 12th. sand and water, just don't mix. ten over for him after 36 and he goes home. rookie kegan bradley is a co leader. he shot 6 under 64. that ties him with jason dukner. five players just one stroke back. 49ers in new orleans as we speak and about to embark on a new jim harbaugh area. last flight the raiders hosted
4:57 pm
arizona and it wasn't standing room only. new head coach hugh jackson has a lot of video to break down. there was a combination of sensational and out of sync moments. campbell a nice throw to the 5th round pick, moore on the nice crossing pattern. three quarterbacks combine for 23 completions. this was their only td of the game. another rookie tight end. cardinals win but this is a process. >> they did some good things. jason had good command of the offense. i doubt they threw the ball aggressively, gave the receivers opportunity to make plays on the ball. the exclusion for the most part was great. again, we still have to just up lift this level of the whole team, not just quarterbacks but every position. >> giants trail the marlins in florida 2-1. we will have that
4:58 pm
and the a's and niners and saints tonight at 10. >> smith a couple series? >> i think they are talking about 20 plays dead -- if they have a 20 play one drive maybe they will go a couple but there are a lot of guys they want to see and that includes that quarterback -- other quarterback as well. everybody will get a tryout tape tonight. >> that's right. glad to see football is back. we continue on bay area news at seven on tv36. stay tuned, the buccaneers and the kansas city chiefs is next right here on ktvu.
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